Celebrating National Poetry Month

April marks national poetry month, so in honor of the occasion I will be sharing a selection of my original poetry. All selections can be found in my book Count It All Joy Inspirational Poems which is available on Amazon.com.

This first poem is entitled The Mountain:

As I journey on through space and time,
The mountain seems so hard to climb.
And as I count the miles ahead,
The horizon seems unlimited.
So I have learned to leave the wind behind,
For the hidden treasures that I must find.
When I grow weary in my toil,
I shed tears for pain untold.
And when life’s questions seem unclear,
Or mysteries won’t unfold;
I lift my heart with songs above,
Assured that God in all His love is watching over me.
He sends me sunshine through the day,
To light my path and show the way.
And through the thunder and the rain,
He helps me count each loss as gain.
The strength that He gives me on my way,
Will lead me to a better day;
Where pain no longer will surround
But all of God’s glory will abound.




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