Patience Is A Virtue

Patience really is a virtue. “It is the capacity to endure what is difficult or disagreeable without complaining.” (Merriam Webster ) Exercising that kind of patience requires adopting a lifestyle of positive perseverance. However, in our modern age and way of thinking we often equate patience with waiting or a lack of productivity .

Contrary to what we believe, patience is not an impotent state, but a time when we are pregnant with potential. For during the waiting season of our lives there is a Work that is been performed in and upon us. So often, this is the stage that we want to bypass. Yet this is the very place where our greatest growth and development is taking SHAPE! In this place, there is an opportunity for Quiet Reflection, Meditation, Evaluation and Self-Regulation.

The waiting period is a time when we might feel like our life is in a holding pattern. But it is also a time when we are compelled to take inventory and ask ourselves what really matters? As we do we are then able to reorder our priorities and make the necessary changes that will help us to move forward and make progress.

Every time we exercise patience, we will grow a bit more steady on our life journey. And that is something we can all be thankful for.

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