You Need A Break

If you are feeling discouraged, it is probably a sign that you need a break from the everyday routine. So often in our hurried pace of life we do not get many opportunities to rest, relax and be still. As a result, our lives can begin to feel like a whirlwind. At times like these it’s best to find a quiet place where you can pamper your physical body and also take time to nurture your soul which is your inner core (the real you). In that place of solitude you will find an opportunity for prayer, reading, meditation, listening to music, and journaling.

Journaling is one of the most effective ways to pour out what is on your heart without fear or inhibition. It is a great way to unload from the burdens of life and the cares of the day. Above all it can help you to write the vision for your life and chart the progress.When you journal, you can be completely honest about what you are feeling. In the process, you can begin to identify and appreciate the little as well as the big things that you can be thankful for. As you allow those things to become your center of focus you will develop an attitude of thanksgiving .When you choose to be thankful, your perspective of your natural circumstances will suddenly begin to shift. You will become more aware of the visible signs of God’s goodness which opens your heart up to be more open, more loving, more grateful, more self-aware.

Everybody needs a daily spiritual practice and journaling truly is the window to your soul. Take a sneak peek at what life coach Iyanla Vanzant says is hers: The Quiet Time Companion by Count It All Joy is the perfect “me time” companion to take a break with. Whether novice or expert writer or if you simply want to make journaling your daily spiritual practice, then the Quiet Time Companion is for you. Purchase your copy from Amazon today:

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