We Have All Missed The Mark

Let’s face it, we have all missed the mark at some time or another. Thankfully, God does not hold that against us. His patience and forgiveness is always extended to us. And His grace gives us the strength and courage to carry on and do better.

So when we consider our own Achilles heel, it will compel us to show compassion for others and understand how they feel. And that would mean:

Suspending judgement:
*Realizing that we never fully know the full motivations and intentions of anyone’s heart.

Speaking  a word of encouragement:
*Realizing that unkind  words can wound the soul and last for a lifetime. But kind words will encourage others and brighten up their day.

Lending a helping hand when we can:
*Realizing that when we use  our  life to serve humanity it will reward us so much more joy in return.

So today let us choose to use  our powers for good . Let us ask ourselves  who can I help, whose life can I touch? And remember that for every hand that you extend one will be extended back to you.


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