Don’t You Crack

There are certain dreams in life that we should all diligently pursue. But constantly musing over what was or what could have been is not a healthy practice. In life, we may strive for perfection, but the most that we will ever achieve is a certain level of excellence.Doing our best and reaching out to love ones to help with the rest is one way of avoiding unnecessary stress and worry.

We are living in a time where the mind is constantly been bombarded by some stressful event or past painful experiences. To make matters worst, we can find ourselves caught up by those negative thoughts and emotions that we constantly dwell on! The residual effects can manifest themselves as tiredness, inability to sleep, sudden feelings of fear, panic, thoughts of failure, thoughts of not been good enough even when we know we have done the very best that we can. These emotions over time can pull even the most spiritual and intellectual person into a negative vortex.When these thoughts are not replaced with the blueprint of who we were created to be,our mind can become hijacked and our destiny will ultimately be controlled by what we feel ,think and see.

While we may never be able to fully control all of life circumstances, we do have the power to choose our thoughts and responses at all times. We have a responsibility to guard what we allow through our ear gate and into our minds. For if we do not learn to tell our minds what to do, it will ultimately tell us what to do!

Living life in the stress zone is physically and mentally exhausting. And good mental hygiene is a prerequisite for overall health. So take time daily to rest, relax and be still. And if life ever hand you a challenge, remember to give it a Whack and refuse to Crack! Then use the experience as an opportunity to gain understanding from the past, grow in the knowledge of the present and plan more wisely for the future.


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