Pass It On

Building a strong heritage for the future generation should be the goal of every parent. Merriam Webster dictionary defines Heritage as ” The traditions, achievements,beliefs, etc…… That are part of the history of a group or nation.

Honor and respect are two major character qualities that seem to be lacking in our society today. As parents we have a moral responsibility to model these behaviors in the home. As we do, our children will learn to honor and respect us and those who are in authority.

It is so important that we live by example, which means practicing what we preach. If we are not living it, it is futile to try and teach it. For our children will ultimately rebel and be the first ones to expose our hypocrisy!

Respect is not something that we can just command, it must be earned.Not only must we show respect to one another, we must also have respect for ourselves.

Proverbs, the book of great wisdom teaches us that a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. This inheritance is not just talking about monitory gains. It is also the passing on of values and responsibilities.

Parents are called to train up their children by seeking out their interest and helping them to maximize their God-given potential.

When we find out what our children’s area of interest are, we must provide them with the necessary tools and a safe environment that allows them to dream and pursue.

Children must be trained to develop their gifts and use them for good. This in turn would teach them how to share, show compassion, overcome selfishness and grow up to be responsible citizens. As parents, let us endeavor to pass on a strong “HERITAGE.”


H-onor~ We must Give It
E-xample~We must live It
R-espect~ We must Show It
I- nheritance ~ We must Leave It
T_raining~ We must Do It
A-bility~ We must Use It
G_ifts ~ We must Share It
E-xcellence~ We must Pursue It

~Pass ~It~On

Illustration by Pat Flowers

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