You Matter

Although we are living in an all about ‘Me’ and ‘I’ generation, there are a select few who are still more compassionate about caring for others than they do for themselves. However, my message to you today is to remember that ‘You Matter.’ These simple but profound words first came in conversation from the lips of a friend who has never learned how to say ‘NO’, for she has always played the role of the ‘Yes MAM’. However wisdom is teaching her that always saying yes can leave you mentally and physically exhausted. And the painful reality is that she has watched the ones that she has helped the most moved on to higher grounds with an attitude of entitlement.

We should always believe in loving, giving and celebrating others. But we must never settle for just watching other people’s progress and loose sight of our own life and sense of worth. ‘You Matter.’ For no matter what background you have come from or where you find yourself in the station of life, you must see yourself as a pearl of great price. You have a purpose, you are a work in progress and the Master Architecture is committed to finish what He has started in you. Carpe Diem. #SeizeTheDay!


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  1. Amen, “so be it” 🙂

    • ‘Yes we do matter’

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