Happiness Is An Illusion

We are living in a time where our value system is constantly been challenged. There is no longer a distinction between right and wrong. Rudeness has replaced kindness and criticism has replaced true compassion.The motto of our  day is ‘Get all that you can and do Whatever makes you Happy.’ 

But Happiness is such an illusion. It is, “The state or fact of being intellectually deceived or misled.” (Merriam Webster Dictionary ). The real deception lies in the fact that we strive so hard to get what we crave, yet as soon we achieve it  another burning desire will begin to cry out for our attention. It seems that no amount of our earthly professions or possessions can fully satisfy the deeper longing of the soul. This is a void that only the Creator and Master Architect can fill.

However, there is a true joy of living that comes not from Getting but from Giving our gifts, talents and resources to make this world a better place to live. It is comes from drawing a line in the sand and resolving to stand. For when it comes to our values  and convictions it should always be a non-negotiable deal.

                I am drawing a line in the Sand,
                And I am resolving to Stand;
                For regardless of what I see and feel….
                When it comes to my values,
                It is a non-negotiable deal!


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  1. “Nice Post”, 🙂

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