The Gift Of Life

Day # 3: Today you can be thankful for the gift of life

No one can ever promise to give us everything that we want. Only our Creator can commit to supply the things that we truly need. In reality, it is not everything that we want that we really need. What we need most is a heart that is thankful for the gift of life and the basic provision of food, clothing and shelter.

Begin today with a quiet moment of reflection:

~Only By Grace~

Lord, when I reflect back on my life,
And how I had gone astray;
I know it was only by Your grace,
That I came to walk Your way.
Lord, the hunger that I once did know.
No one could satisfy.
And until Your life was breathed in me,
My sinfulness I could not see.
So I have come now Lord to testify,
That Jesus is the way.
And without the presence of the Lord,
There will be no brighter day.
For until I was truly born again,
And circumcised in heart;
My search for truth and happiness ,
Was only just a futile quest.

Joyce A. Boahene


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  1. I truly love this is one of my favorite, halleujah to the giver of life 🙂

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