Prayer Is A Privilege

Day # 7: Today, you can be thankful for the privilege of prayer.

Prayer is a lifestyle. It is a privilege that requires great discipline. It is an acknowledgement of your dependence and your humble request for help from the author and giver of life.
It is also a child-like trust that God hears you when you pray, and a belief that He can and will use His power on your behalf. But prayer is more than just a desperate cry for help. The highest form of prayer is one in which you are willing to offer thanksgiving to God for His Sovereignty and Majesty!

Today, refuse to focus on your circumstances, but instead choose to magnify the Throne of Almighty God.


Prayer is more than just a wish- list,
That you bring before the Throne.
Prayer is giving Honor to the King,
For every good and perfect thing.
Prayer is lifting up the Name of Jesus high,
For He is the One who took our sins and died.
Prayer is offering up the sacrifice of praise,
As we stand before the Master face to face.
Prayer is standing in awe of His Majesty,
To say ‘Thank You ‘ for the Mercy;
That You have shown unto me.

Joyce A. Boahene



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  1. truly it is a priviledge to pray, 🙂

    • Thank you for been a faithful prayer partner. I have seen many answers as a result of our prayer!#LetUsKeepOnPraying!

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