You Are A Light

Day #8: Today, you can be thankful that you are a light.

We have all tasted from the bitter waters of life. That means that everybody has got their own story. Yet we must become skilled at discerning when, how much and who we are sharing our story with. Some people are just not mentally ready to handle a success story especially if they are feeling ‘STUCK.’

Remember that a good deed done at the wrong time can go unappreciated. Even a good word of advice given out of season can cause a person to feel guilty and condemned rather than been encouraged. As a result, our intended good can become evil spoken of.

When speaking, consider your audience and leave them with a positive dose of

~Shine through Me~

Lord, let your light shine through me,
So that others can behold of You.
Lord, let the words that I express,
Bring comfort to those who are in distress.
Lord, let each task that I choose to do,
Bring praise and glory all to You.
Lord, let Your seed bear fruit in me,
So that those who cross my path would see.
Lord, let the wisdom that You give,
Exemplify the life that I live.
Lord, let the pain that I have endured,
Bring courage now to trust You more.
Lord, let Your Name be glorified,
And let my hungry heart be satisfied.
Lord, let my knowledge of You grow,
As You lead the path where I must go.

Joyce A. Boahene


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