The Gift Of Wisdom

Day # 11: Today, you can be thankful that when you ask for Wisdom you will receive.

King Solomon, the wisest man that ever existed did not seek after riches or fame. He sought after Godly wisdom for everyday living. Today, that same wisdom is available to anyone who would seek for it with all of their heart. Wisdom is calling. It is saying, you don’t have to keep going around that same old mountain. Instead you can pray and ask God to give you the gift of wisdom that is better than gold and more precious than silver.#AskAndYouShallReceive!

~ Thank You~

Father, thank You for keeping me safe in your care,
And for bountiful blessings down through the years.
Father, thank You for the wisdom and knowledge that You give,
For courage and strength that helps me to live.
Father, thank You for giving me Jesus your Son,
Who has triumphed in every race that I’ve run.
Father, thank You for the strength that I’ve gained through the storm,
Thank you for the courage and love that You give to go on.
Father, thank You for comforting the pain in my heart,
And for giving me life and such a new start.
Father, thank You for lending an ear to my cry,
And for never a scold or a question of why.
Father Thank You for washing away all of my sins,
And for opening Your gates wide so that I can come in.

Joyce A. Boahene


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