Put Your Hands To The Plow

Day # 15: Today, you can be thankful that your hard work will pay off.

There is milk and honey in the land that God has called us to possess. But we have to be willing to put our hands to the plow and do what we can.We have to fight for the right to exist and overcome the giants that are standing in our way. There are two major Giants that we have to daily confront. They are giants of fear and discouragement. These two are constantly working together to hinder us from getting to our destination. Yet,God has internally equipped each one of us with the weapons that we need to fight and win. In biblical times, David’s only recognition was that of a lowly shepherd boy. But on the inside he was a giant killer long before he ever encountered Goliath. Right now, we may be on the backside of the desert tending sheep and sowing in tears, but joy awaits us. Laughter may have been a stranger, but it will suddenly explode like a volcano. Where fear was once a hindrance, Faith will now become an open door. And where love has been an illusion, in Christ we will surely find completion.

~ A Plan~

With God, there is Hope,
But we still need a plan;
For He will only bless the genuine work of our hands.

With God, there is Hope,
But we still need a plan;
For we must daily put our hands to the plow,
And just do what you can.

With God, there is hope,
But we still need a plan;
For we can no longer make excuses,
And stick our heads in the sand.

Joyce A. Boahene


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