Day # 20: Today, you can be thankful for a heart of Humility.

Great men never fail because they lack ability. They are usually brought down low because of their lack of character and the big (P) ‘PRIDE.’ Pride is that attitude that puffs us up and make us feel that we are more important than others.But it is foolish to ever boast about any of our gifts, talents, education or possessions. For when we do, we are elevating ourselves and not giving HONOR to the Greater One who gave us the ability to get them. Whatever good we are outwardly manifesting is only a result of what our Creator has generously placed on the inside of us. The gifts that He has given to us will ultimately make room for display and cause us to be acknowledged before great men. But when we take the credit and brag about our ‘Success’,we are opening the door to the deadly venom of PRIDE! And pride will gladly set us up and wait for us to FALL!

~Never Let Me~

Lord, never let me make my boast,
In anything that I have done.
But let my boast be in the Cross,
And the Great Victory that You have won.
Lord, never let me make my boast,
In anything made of this world;
But let me humbly draw my strength,
From the Lord and Savior of my soul.

Joyce A. Boahene


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