A Heart To Serve

Day # 26: Today, you can be thankful for a heart to serve humanity.

It is not usually the ones that have much that gives much.It is the faithful few who are always laying down their lives to serve humanity. There is nothing wrong with having great possessions or the ability to live large. But there is something right about being a Good Samaritan who realizes that:
~ People are more Valuable than possessions.
~ Giving is far more Rewarding than receiving.
~ Loving is so much more Powerful than hating.


T-ake time to count your blessings

H-ave a heart full of gratitude

A-ppreciate the big and as well as little things

N-ever keep the focus on yourself

K-eep your switch of faith on high

S-ing a new melody from within your heart

G-ive honor and glory to the King

I-nvest each day by doing good

V-oice every need and care to Him

I-nvite Him daily in each task

N-ever fear or give in to the dark

G-ive your time and your gifts to serve humanity

Joyce A. Boahene© 11/26/14



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