Day #27:Today, you can be thankful for your many blessings.

Today, you can be especially thankful for your health, shelter, family, good friends, good food, and good conversations. As you gather around the Thanksgiving table be sure to give thanks openly for all of those special people in your life. Seek also for an opportunity to reach out to those who are helpless, homeless or feel hopeless. For you are blessed. And you have been called to be a blessing!

And now, will you kindly ask all of the ‘Real Turkeys’ in the house to please stand up and offer up a prayer of Thanksgiving!


Lord, I choose to honor Your name on the face of this earth,
And I thank You for my Savior and such a new birth.
Lord, I thank You for supplying my daily bread,
And the Blood upon Calvary’s Cross that You shed.
Lord, I thank You for paying every debt that I owed,
And the removal of every bad seed that I sowed.
Lord, I thank You for giving me a heart to forgive,
And for providing an example of how I should live.
Lord, I thank You that sin has no dominion over me,
For You have ransomed my soul and I am totally free.
Lord, I thank You for delivering my soul from the evil one,
And for wisdom to grow and to understand.
Lord, I thank You that Your will in my life on this earth will be done,
And that all glory and honor will be given to the Son.

Joyce A. Boahene© 2009

Thinking of you on Thanksgiving

Illustration by Pat Flowers


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