Remain Thankful

Day # 28: Today, you can be thankful that God is continually watching over us,

Thanksgiving day may be officially over, but we can remain thankful because the Good Shepherd is continually watching over us.If we take the time to listen we can hear His ‘still small voice ‘on the inside calling us to come and eat daily from the table that He has prepared. At His table there is a place reserved for us, and there is no limit on what we can eat. Our soul needs a daily balance diet of natural as well as spiritual food. Yesterday we had a great feast.But that once a year thanksgiving meal will not adequately sustain us. However, only the Giver and the Sustainer of life can daily provide all that we need internally and externally for our true spiritual growth and development.

~God Will~

Through the darkness God will make a way,
To shine His light upon you.
Through the valley God will make a way,
To help you scale the heights.
Through the waters God will make a way,
To bring you safe to shore.
Through the desert God will make a way,
To quench your thirsty soul.
Through the ups and downs of this daily life,
God will make a way so that you can survive.

Joyce A. Boahene


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