He Is Omnipotent

Day # 30: Today, you can be thankful for the One who will never leave you or forsake you.

One of the characteristics of God is that He is Omnipotent (All Powerful). Yet the greatest question that many struggle with is whether He will use His power on their behalf.
Building confidence in God begins with :
*A child-like trust that simply believe and accept the biblical account of who He says He is.
*Accepting His plan & purpose for your life.
* Having a passion & a determination to pursue it.

Here is a prayer acknowledging who He is and what He does.

~You Are~

Lord, You are the very breath of life within,
And You are the source from which all good begins.
You are the God who never change or fail,
Though the things of beauty will grow frail.

You are the One who daily pours Your grace,
Upon every soul and in every place.
You are the One whose treasures from above,
Falls down upon us in Your love.

You are the One who gives us peaceful rest,
As we journey through the wilderness.
You are the healer of the broken heart,
You are the Mighty God;
How Great thou Art!

You are the Comforter of all man’s woe,
You are the conqueror of every foe.
You are the anchor which we steadfast hold,
You are the name that cause us to stand up bold.

Joyce A. Boahene© 2007

With Him All Things Are Possible !



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