I Am Mounting Up

We are living in an all about me and all about things generation. We have been deceived into building our lives on temporary pleasures and earthly treasures. Yet, in spite of our possessions, education, and modern technology we can still find ourselves physically drained and spiritually empty. All of this STUFF that we are working so hard to accumulate is all meaningless. Why? Because in the end they will have no eternal value. The eternal things are our praise and worship to our Creator, our prayers, our service to humanity, and above all our legacy of faith. Wisdom says that it is time to wake up, take inventory and start building our lives on what is eternal.
~I Am Mounting Up~
I am mounting up,
From the valley below;
To soar for the heights
Where God wants me to go.
I am mounting up with eagle’s wings,
Amid the pain and the trials;
That this life may bring.
I am mounting up with a song of praise ,
As I honor my Savior in all of my ways.
I am mounting up to give help to another,
As I care for the needs of my sisters and brothers.
Joyce A. Boahene© 2007


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  1. beautiful !!

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