Be Resolute.

When the path that we are traveling suddenly becomes rocky it is very easy to begin to question the future and the prospect of ever reaching our divine destination. This is also a time when fear and doubt suddenly begins to assail the mind plunging us into a place of perplexity,confusion and indecision.But this can also be a defining moment when we choose to become resolute. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines resolute as “an attitude that is marked by firm determination: bold, steady.”
The resolute person does not deny that a problem exist. Instead he or she acknowledges the problem, faces it with courage while taking into account:
* That their divine destiny is far greater than the obstacles.

  * That the joy of winning is far greater than the fear of losing.

* But above all, the resolute person is willing to learn from the past, walk wisely in the present while pressing on with hope towards the future.

             ~Lord Teach Us~
Lord, teach us how to kneel in prayer,
And strengthen our hearts to have no fear.

Lord, teach us how to stand in faith,

And grant us patience when we need to wait.

Lord, teach us how to walk in love,

And grant us favor from above.

Lord teach us how to be resolute,

And help us to walk in Your perfect truth.

Joyce A. Boahene© 6/11/15























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  1. As always. Thank you Joyce for a word in due season and a beautifully written poem to undergird the truth of the writing. I used it as a prayer!
    God bless you!

    • Thank you for sharing how the blog has blessed you. We are changing daily line upon line and precept upon precept !

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