Visible To God

There are times when you might seem invisible to others, but you are always visible to God.You have probably heard of the biblical story of David who slew the giant Goliath with a sling and a stone.But did you know that he grew up in a household that did not esteem his true value?To his immediate family he was just a lowly shepherd boy. Yet in his seemingly insignificant role his leadership ability was continually been developed through his love, faithfulness and patience in caring for the sheep.It was in that role of a shepherd where he first killed a lion and a bear who came to take a lamb out of the flock. 

David may have appeared hidden, but in the mind and heart of God he was just training for reigning. History does not describe David as a perfect man but as a man who had a heart to please God. He was able to prevail over the many enemies that he faced throughout his life because he understood his true need for God’s love, forgiveness and help.
What matters most to God is not our level of education, achievements, outer appearance or physical stature.What really matters is the genuineness of our hearts and our utter dependence on Him as the ‘Giver and Sustainer’ of life.

Like David, God has also ordained something special for each and everyone of us. He has chosen to create us in a unique way. We are a priceless gem. We have been given many gifts and abilities. Those gifts and abilities are to be used to bless others and represent God in the earth. It does not matter where we find ourselves in this season of life. We can still choose to be thankful! And we must continue to be faithful knowing that our labor is not in vain.And even if we are experiencing signs and symptoms of isolation, rejection and separation,  let us remember that God is with us. And above all, that He might secretly be grooming us to become a giant killer!


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