Day # 35: Of 100 Days Of Counting It All Joy.

I can Count It All Joy because I have given Happiness a new definition.

I am up early! And I have made it to Day # 35 of my 100 Days Challenge of Counting It all Joy. During this challenge, I have had a few laughs, disappointments,frustrations and accusations. I have even seen so much unrehearsed drama on my job that I considered calling HOLLYWOOD to come and do a MOVIE! I have learned that my environment can influence me, but I don’t have to allow it to define or change me. My conclusion is that my happiness is not based on what happens to me or around me, but how I choose to respond.

~My Definition Of Happy Is~

H-earing God’s Voice

A-ppling His Word

P-raying without ceasing

P- lanning more wisely

Y- ielding to the Holy Spirit

~My Definition Of Happy Times includes~



And Good conversations


Lord, never let me waiver at Your promises,
And never let me accept life problems the way it is.

Lord, never let me grow weary in my daily walk,

And never let me stumble aimlessly in the dark.
Lord, never let me fail to declare that Your Word is true,

And never let me focus on the things that I have been through.

Lord, never let me forget to give Honor and Glory to You,

For on the wings of Your Grace;

You will Carry me Through!

Joyce A. Boahene© 5/23/16


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  1. Thanking God for the “wings of grace” this season 🙂

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