Day # 50: Of 100 Days Of Counting It All Joy.

I have made it to Day # 50 of my 100 Days of Counting It All Joy. I am Counting It All Joy because I have the power to use my Freedom to do Good instead of Evil.

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, evil exist among us every day, in every way ,and in every culture.Throughout history man has been known to fight against the GOLDEN RULE which is simply doing unto others as you would have them do to you. In the midst of our highly technological society we have become very skilled at ignoring the voice of our conscience and have chosen to turn a deafening ear to the cry for TRUTH and JUSTICE. Perhaps what our society really need today are not more TOYS, but some MANDATORY lessons that reminds us of the value of life and the perils of evil.

                 ~We Are Free~

We are free to fight against the Golden Rules,

And treat them like some useless tools.

We are free to turn a deafening ear,

To the cry for truth and justice that we hear.
We are free to make excuses, 

For our old habits and abuses.

We are free to blame another one,

For the very wrongs that we have done.

We are free to make wrong choices,

But we are never free;

To choose the cost or the consequences.

Joyce A. Boahene©2007


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