I know that in the eyes of God we are all created equal. The Declaration of Independence even reinforces that belief! But hatred and prejudice has often left us feeling like we don’t belong. As a mother, I had to teach all of my children about the Beatitudes, such as saying hello, be kind and be polite. However, when it came to my Son, I had to teach him about survival skills as a black man in our society. The struggles that we experience ever day as a black family are very real! So for those who feel that we should be silent and tolerate the killings and injustices that we have been seeing and hearing from coast to coast, let me say this, “It is not real to you because it is not happening to you.” For only the heart knows it’s own sorrow.” Proverbs 14:10

Real life lessons that I had to teach my Son ……


                 ~SON BEWARE~

Putting your hands in your pocket, 

Could deem you a threat;

And arguing with the cops can lead to regret.

Standing up for your rights can land you in the slammer,

And fighting your way out will take more than a hammer.

Walking with your pants sagging,

Will set the tongues wagging,

Not getting an education will leave you behind,

And just remember,

That what your parents has accomplished;

You can never call mine.

Joyce A. Boahene© 7/9/16


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