DAY # 64:
I am back on my 100 Days challenge of Counting It All Joy. Today I am Counting It All Joy because I am reminded that I have received the free gift of forgiveness and therefore I am choosing to keep walking in love and forgive.


                ~We Have All~

We have all experienced the great fall of humanity,

And we have all been stung;

By old patterns and behaviors of insanity.

We have all been stung,

By the venom of pain and regret ;

And we all have some wants,

That has not yet been met.

We have all felt the piercing wounds of our fellowman,

But by God’s grace we are still here;

And we are able to stand!

We have all been forgiven,

And we must choose to forgive;

For carrying the weight of the past on your shoulders,

Is a terrible way to live!

Joyce A. Boahene© 8/4/16























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  1. I love this Joyce!! I plan to share this poem at the Women of Valor Reunion meeting next month!! It fits so perfectly with Arise from the Ashes Daughters of Destiny!!

    Blessings!! Sis Patti B

    • Feel free to use it. I pray it would be a blessing to all. Love always (Joyce)

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