Do It Anyway.

Day #69 : Of my 100 Days  Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

Throughout my painful childhood and adulthood, what I could not say out loud I was able to write. Today, I am so thankful that God has given me the pen of a ready writer. It has served me well! Over the years, I have been able to pen eloquent words of comfort, love, hope and healing. In many ways those inspired words has become part of my own therapy and recovery.

But beyond the writings,Count It All Joy is committed to produce products that are inspired by faith, perfected by design and functional and stylish. It has not been easy. There has been many bumps along the path to the company’s growth and development. When I started the Company, I also found myself in the throes of divorce and 3/4 of my childhood homeland was devastated by a volcano eruption. During that season, what God was calling me to do was way beyond my natural ability and my wildest imagination. Even after praying and seeking Godly counsel, there were many visible and invisible forces that I still had to overcome. Today, Count It All Joy stands as a living testimony that God is able to bring restoration out of devastation. Here are a few lessons that I learned along the path to obedience.

💰Money will be tight,

And you will not feel right.

The cruse of oil might stop flowing,

And you won’t know where you are going.

Fear will try to stop you,

And doubts will harass you.

Your friends may laugh,

And total strangers may scoff.

Your own mind might suggest,

That you are really off.

Some people will mock you,

And family may not back you.

But when it comes to your own destiny,

Somethings you really just have to!

Joyce A. Boahene© 9/22/16


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  1. Well said “Friend”, 🙂

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