In The Midst Of The Storm.

When we found ourselves in the midst of Hurricane Matthew in Miami Florida we could not lean on our own understanding or natural strength. My friends and I were experiencing the threatening sounds of the winds and the waves from our hotel rooms. We saw the minute to minute daily headlines of destruction. We heard words of impending doom and disaster reported 24/7. We saw people scrambling to buy gas, food and water at 711. We even got turned away from Popeyes because there was no more chickens left in the house. 

This was truly a valuable lesson about praying and not fainting. This was a time when we had to totally rely on the promises of God for divine Protection, Provision and Preservation. By faith we had to reach out and touch the heart of God through our prayers! This was our declaration through the storm!


              ~We Are Armed~

We are armed with Heaven’s Artillery,

To fight against the forces of darkness;

That we feel and see.
We are armed as true Soldier’s of the Cross,

And not one person will be wounded;

And none shall be lost!
We are armed with the Blood of Jesus as our covering,

And it deflects every arrow;

That the enemy brings.
We are armed with the Word,

As our two-edged sword;

And we are a committed, 

To remain on one accord!
We are armed with the Name of ELOHIM,

And Hurricane Matthew is not greater than Him!

We are armed with the power of the Holy Ghost,

And we are the salt and the light. 

That He has left on this earth.


Joyce A. Boahene© 10/5/16


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