Our Spoken Words.

Our spoken words often lacks truth. Yet, they have the power to influence our actions and outcomes in a negative way. Our unbridled tongue can be used to Hurt, Curse, Lie and Slander others unmercifully. With the help of the News Media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram our Venom is now able to travel faster and Sting longer in a more sophisticated and acceptable way. We have the freedom to speak, but it is a freedom that comes with a responsibility! As individuals we are responsible for our words. We must Think before we speak, realizing that our words has the power to uplift or tear down. Even when we feel the need to correct or disagree we must do so in a way not to wound but to heal! Let us challenge ourselves today and everyday to choose our words wisely and leave an indelible mark of inspiration.

        ✍️NO TIME✍️

I have no time to criticize,

I am just lifting up my eyes.

I have no time to look back,

I am just staying on the right track.

I have no time to be bitter,

I am just vowing to get better.

I have no time to be hateful,

I am just choosing to be grateful.

 Joyce A. Boahene© 1/11/17






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  1. Great post !!, thank you for sharing 🙂

    • My pleasure!

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