As Mother’s we spend so much time shaping live’s that we hardly have anytime for our own live’s to take form. So today, go ahead and Pamper yourself! Consider incorporating a little essential oil from Young Living and ordering an inspirational book from the Count It All Joy collection.

As you move forward, be sure that you are addressing the condition of your own soul. Seek out a platform where you can meet to receive spiritual, emotional, physical and emotional support. Remember that your value goes beyond the traditional role of Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, etc.

This poem is written just for you. So count up all of your Blessings today and have a Happy Mother’s Day!


        šŸŒ¹MOTHER’S DAYšŸŒ¹

Everyday is really Mother’s Day,

But as a women;

You hardly have any time to play.

There are daily duties and errands,

That you must run;

And there is never a time,

When you can ever say ‘DONE.’

But as a woman you are the greatest CEO,

For you are building the greatest dynasty;

And you are making a great mark on history!

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 5/14/17

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You can warm up at any time by creating and designing you own little unique cafe. In that place you are free to cuddle up with a good book and the infusion of some essential oils from Young Living. This place can become your favorite getaway in the heart of winter. This is also a perfect atmosphere to pause and reflect on your many blessings and the beauty that daily surrounds you.
    ~The Best Time~

Tea time is a great time,
To find some time for me time.

Tea time is the best time,

To warm up during the cold time.

Tea time is the perfect time,

To pause and let your mind unwind.

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 1/29/17

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Day #68 of my 100 Day’s challenge of Counting It It All Joy!

Today, I am thankful and Counting It All Joy not just for my children, but for all of God’s children! I am ‘Declaring God’s abundant Blessings ‘ upon them and the future generations as they move forward into their destiny and high calling! Lord, I pray that you would Bless and Keep them from all evil. Give them Favor and Success. And let your Light continue to Shine daily upon their path. Amen!


Lord, I thank You,

That our children were not born for trouble;

For the blessings of the righteous –

You have promised that You would double.

Lord , I thank You,

That our children were not born for trouble,

For You are well able to keep them;

From the depth of life’s rubble.

Lord, I thank You,

That our children were not born for trouble;

And they will never have to suffer-

At the hands of the devil.

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 2009



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Day# 2: Of My 100 Days of Counting It All Joy.

I will count it all joy because He who is in me is greater than he that is in the world.


          ~I Will Never~

I will never cast away my confidence,

Because of what I see.

For Jesus is the Greater One;

Who lives inside of me!
I will never cast away my confidence,

For God is my One and only strong defence.

I will never fully trust in how I feel,

Or follow the things to which my mind appeals.
But I will stand firmly on God’s Holy Word,

On not on anything that I’ve seen or heard.

I will keep pressing towards the finish line,

For every blessings of my Heavenly Father;

I am destined to find!

 Joyce A. Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 4/9/16





















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Thanksgiving Day is more than just a house full of family, friends , good conversations and various delicacies on the table.
Thanksgiving Day is a special time for reflecting on God. It is a Time when our hearts should be overflowing with gratitude as we begin to recount the many bountiful blessings that He has so richly bestowed upon us. As you celebrate this Thanksgiving season, remember to make room at your table for God. For after all, He is the giver of life. He is the very breath that you daily breathe. He is the giver of every good and perfect gift. Above all, He is truly the ‘GREATEST GUEST’ that you will ever have! #IAmGivingThanksAndIAmMakingRoom!

           ~If You Have~
If you have breath in your lungs,

And a place to lie down,

That is more than enough;

For you to turn things around.
If you have food on the table,

And a few dollars in the bank;

That’s more than enough,

For you to give thanks!
If you have clothes on your back,

And God is your Rock;

That’s more than enough,

For you to stay on the right track.
 Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 11/13/15






















I Choose Life.

We no longer have to wallow in the regret of the past or the pain of the present. For God has given everyone a choice that requires making a decision. This is a now decision and one that should not  

 be put off in the near future. For God Himself says, “Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live! (ā€­Deuteronomyā€¬ ā€­30ā€¬:ā€­19ā€¬ NLT)
Choosing life and the blessing means choosing God’s way and His will. This choice will not only be beneficial for us but for the prosperity of the future generation. How sobering it is to know that the choice that we make today is so critical to tomorrow that God would require heaven and earth to be a witness! #IChooseLife!


Day #27:Today, you can be thankful for your many blessings.

Today, you can be especially thankful for your health, shelter, family, good friends, good food, and good conversations. As you gather around the Thanksgiving table be sure to give thanks openly for all of those special people in your life. Seek also for an opportunity to reach out to those who are helpless, homeless or feel hopeless. For you are blessed. And you have been called to be a blessing!

And now, will you kindly ask all of the ‘Real Turkeys’ in the house to please stand up and offer up a prayer of Thanksgiving!


Lord, I choose to honor Your name on the face of this earth,
And I thank You for my Savior and such a new birth.
Lord, I thank You for supplying my daily bread,
And the Blood upon Calvary’s Cross that You shed.
Lord, I thank You for paying every debt that I owed,
And the removal of every bad seed that I sowed.
Lord, I thank You for giving me a heart to forgive,
And for providing an example of how I should live.
Lord, I thank You that sin has no dominion over me,
For You have ransomed my soul and I am totally free.
Lord, I thank You for delivering my soul from the evil one,
And for wisdom to grow and to understand.
Lord, I thank You that Your will in my life on this earth will be done,
And that all glory and honor will be given to the Son.

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 2009

Thinking of you on Thanksgiving

Illustration by Pat Flowers

A Heart To Serve

Day # 26: Today, you can be thankful for a heart to serve humanity.

It is not usually the ones that have much that gives much.It is the faithful few who are always laying down their lives to serve humanity. There is nothing wrong with having great possessions or the ability to live large. But there is something right about being a Good Samaritan who realizes that:
~ People are more Valuable than possessions.
~ Giving is far more Rewarding than receiving.
~ Loving is so much more Powerful than hating.


T-ake time to count your blessings

H-ave a heart full of gratitude

A-ppreciate the big and as well as little things

N-ever keep the focus on yourself

K-eep your switch of faith on high

S-ing a new melody from within your heart

G-ive honor and glory to the King

I-nvest each day by doing good

V-oice every need and care to Him

I-nvite Him daily in each task

N-ever fear or give in to the dark

G-ive your time and your gifts to serve humanity

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 11/26/14


Sharing is Caring

Day # 23: Today, you can be thankful that you are living in a land of plenty.

In spite of the economic changes in our country, we are still living in a land of plenty. Throughout history we have been blessed as a great nation. But that abundance was never intended for just us and our immediate family. We have been blessed to be a blessing! Yet the reality of that true blessing is only realized when we are willing to move beyond our own personal needs and begin to think and give globally. Sharing is Caring. For when we give:

*We are showing compassion.
* We are helping to feed the hungry.
** We are bringing hope to the helpless and hopeless.

Remember that old age principle of sowing and reaping. The seeds that we sow today will come back to us tomorrow! Your kindness might be the Miracle that somebody needs today.


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Count Your Blessings

Day # 22: Today, you can be thankful for the little things.

In life we tend to spend more time focusing on what we don’t have instead of appreciating the little things that we do have. I grew up on a tiny Island in the Caribbean under very poor social and economical conditions. The only food that we consumed was what we planted. All we ever knew was the hard physical labor of daily working in the fields. We had no refrigerator or electricity.We had to walk barefoot for miles and miles to fetch one bucket of water. And we had to leave our little broken down shack to go to the latrine( a hole in the ground) My tiny island in Montserrat still remains a Ghost Town from the devastating volcano eruption in 1996.Yet, the most important lessons that we were taught as a child was to HONOR GOD, BE THANKFUL and BE RESPECTFUL to others. Today, these lessons are still serving me very well. I am counting my blessings and #IAmForeverGrateful!


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