Day#90: Of my 100 Day’s Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

Today as I reflect back over my life, I am Counting It All Joy for the Good Shepherd! For He has brought me through the raging storm when all hope to carry on was gone! My reasonable service is to look up and say, “THANK YOU”! and share what He has done for me, believing that He will do the same for you. These inspirational writings are my testimony of His Goodness and Mercy.

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Don’t You Quit

       šŸ‘When I GazedšŸ‘

When I gazed into the eyes of my Majesty,

I say thank You Jesus for the things,

That You have done for me!

I say thank You for dying upon the Cross,

To save such a soul; 

That was broken and lost.

I say thank You for my daily provision,

And Your host of angelic protection.

I say thank You for the knowledge,

And wisdom that You give;

And for the Mercy and Grace,

That You grant me to live!

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 9/29/17






















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He Is Reigning With Power.

At Count It All Joy we are remembering  Jesus Life, Suffering, Death, Burial, and Glorious Resurrection.We are reminded of the fact that there was never any fault found in Him. Yet He was willing to hang on a Cross for our sake!  We are eternally grateful that God placed on His Son the penalty that we deserved for every wrong that we have done and every wrong that has ever been done to us.  “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.ā€ II Corinthians 5:21 (NKJVI)

We are thankful that He Got Up, so we don’t ever have to stay down!


Jesus is not in a manger,
Trying to hide from some danger.

He is not just on a cross, 

Looking down at the lost;
Jesus is not in the tomb,

For there was not enough room;

To hold Him in the grave.
Jesus is the man of the hour,

For He is still reigning with power.

So look to the horizon,

For it is beginning to shower!

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 3/10/17





















Day # 14: Of 100Days Of Counting It All Joy.

I can Count It All Joy because He cares for me.

                     ~Don’t Worry~

Cast off your cares and the burden of worry,

And remember the Cross,

And the pain that I carried.
Cast off your cares and the burden of worry,

And follow my leading;

And don’t be in a hurry.
Cast off your cares and the burden of worry,

And let me give you new strength;

And a heart that is merry.

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 4/22/16

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Day # 10: Of 100 Days Of Counting It All Joy.

  I can Count It All Joy because He has restored my Soul.



      ~You Took~

Lord, You took away the pain,

And the shame of my youth;

When You died upon Calvary.
Lord, You took the rejection,

That was meant for my destruction;

And You nailed it to the Cross.
Lord, You took all of my insecurities,

And You gave me your love and your perfect peace.

Lord, You took every drop of tears that I’ve shed,

And You gave me the fruit of your joy instead. 

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 4/18/16





















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Day #27:Today, you can be thankful for your many blessings.

Today, you can be especially thankful for your health, shelter, family, good friends, good food, and good conversations. As you gather around the Thanksgiving table be sure to give thanks openly for all of those special people in your life. Seek also for an opportunity to reach out to those who are helpless, homeless or feel hopeless. For you are blessed. And you have been called to be a blessing!

And now, will you kindly ask all of the ‘Real Turkeys’ in the house to please stand up and offer up a prayer of Thanksgiving!


Lord, I choose to honor Your name on the face of this earth,
And I thank You for my Savior and such a new birth.
Lord, I thank You for supplying my daily bread,
And the Blood upon Calvary’s Cross that You shed.
Lord, I thank You for paying every debt that I owed,
And the removal of every bad seed that I sowed.
Lord, I thank You for giving me a heart to forgive,
And for providing an example of how I should live.
Lord, I thank You that sin has no dominion over me,
For You have ransomed my soul and I am totally free.
Lord, I thank You for delivering my soul from the evil one,
And for wisdom to grow and to understand.
Lord, I thank You that Your will in my life on this earth will be done,
And that all glory and honor will be given to the Son.

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 2009

Thinking of you on Thanksgiving

Illustration by Pat Flowers


Day # 20: Today, you can be thankful for a heart of Humility.

Great men never fail because they lack ability. They are usually brought down low because of their lack of character and the big (P) ‘PRIDE.’ Pride is that attitude that puffs us up and make us feel that we are more important than others.But it is foolish to ever boast about any of our gifts, talents, education or possessions. For when we do, we are elevating ourselves and not giving HONOR to the Greater One who gave us the ability to get them. Whatever good we are outwardly manifesting is only a result of what our Creator has generously placed on the inside of us. The gifts that He has given to us will ultimately make room for display and cause us to be acknowledged before great men. But when we take the credit and brag about our ‘Success’,we are opening the door to the deadly venom of PRIDE! And pride will gladly set us up and wait for us to FALL!

~Never Let Me~

Lord, never let me make my boast,
In anything that I have done.
But let my boast be in the Cross,
And the Great Victory that You have won.
Lord, never let me make my boast,
In anything made of this world;
But let me humbly draw my strength,
From the Lord and Savior of my soul.

Joyce A. Boahene


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Press Through

Day # 2: Today, we can be thankful for the courage to move forward

Life is a race that we all have to run, but nobody wants to be an athlete when they are feeling weak.However, we have an inner ability to gain new strength when we choose to persevere and push against the obstacles that are standing in our way. Today, the clocks in our homes may be falling backwards,but our internal clock and our feet should be steadily moving forward! Today, let us choose to nurture strength and become a finisher.

Here’s God’s heart towards you today:

~Press Through~

Press through my child,
To the finish line;
And leave all of your cares and fear behind.
Press through the failures of the past,
And walk in the victory of the Cross.
Press through the questions,
That baffles your mind;
And discover the treasures,
That I want you to find.

Joyce A. Boahene


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