Humility And Servanthood.

      Day # 83 : Of My 100 Day’s Challenge Of Counting It All Joy.

      Today, I am Counting It All Joy for the little mundane things that daily adds up and make a big difference! Greatness is best demonstrated in our actions. It is most evident when we have a reverential fear of our Creator, when we show honor and love people. It is that Simple! Humility and Servanthood! These are the things that keeps me grounded.

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      I Am Not Limited.

      Day # 74: Of my 100 Days Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

      I am thankful for the five senses of Sight, Smelling, Hearing, Tasting and Touching. However, this morning I am Counting It All Joy for the Sixth Sense called FAITH! I am thankful that I can daily walk by a higher reality, because sometimes those natural five senses does not make any sense!


            ~I Am Not Limited~

      I am not limited by the things,
      That I see with my ūüĎÄ.

      For God has given me an inner ability,

      To perceive with my ‚̧ԳŹheart.
      I am not limited by the things,

      That I feel in my soul.

      For I am a child of The King,

      And a ūüźŹ sheep of His fold.
      I am not limited by the things,

      That I hear with my ūüĎāears.

      For I am walking by faith,

      And I am stamping out fear! 

      Joyce A. Boahene© 12/16/16

      Illustration by Pat Flowers

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      Do It Anyway.

      Day #69 : Of my 100 Days  Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

      Throughout my painful childhood and adulthood, what I could not say out loud I was able to write. Today, I am so thankful that God has given me the pen of a ready writer. It has served me well! Over the years, I have been able to pen eloquent words of comfort, love, hope and healing. In many ways those inspired words has become part of my own therapy and recovery.

      But beyond the writings,Count It All Joy is committed to produce products that are inspired by faith, perfected by design and functional and stylish. It has not been easy. There has been many bumps along the path to the company’s growth and development. When I started the Company, I also found myself in the throes of divorce and 3/4 of my childhood homeland was devastated by a volcano eruption. During that season, what God was calling me to do was way beyond my natural ability and my wildest imagination. Even after praying and seeking Godly counsel, there were many visible and invisible forces that I still had to overcome. Today, Count It All Joy stands as a living testimony that God is able to bring restoration out of devastation. Here are a few lessons that I learned along the path to obedience.

      ūüíįMoney will be tight,

      And you will not feel right.

      The cruse of oil might stop flowing,

      And you won’t know where you are going.

      Fear will try to stop you,

      And doubts will harass you.

      Your friends may laugh,

      And total strangers may scoff.

      Your own mind might suggest,

      That you are really off.

      Some people will mock you,

      And family may not back you.

      But when it comes to your own destiny,

      Somethings you really just have to!

      Joyce A. Boahene© 9/22/16

      Day #46: Of 100 Days Of Counting It All Joy.

      I won’t marvel, but I will Count It All Joy because my God shall supply everything that I need.

                    ~DON’T MARVEL~

      DON’T marvel at the reports of current events,
      But walk in my love;

      And learn to quickly repent.
      DON’T marvel at the state of the economy,

      For there is more supply in the realm of the spirit,

      Than what you can see.
      DON’T marvel at the things that seems to be,

      But lift up your eyes and look to Me.

      DON’T marvel at the things that you can hear,

      But trust in the LORD and exhibit no fear.

      Joyce A. Boahene© 6/9/16

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      Day # 41: Of 100 Days Of Counting It All Joy.

      On this Happy Friday, I am Counting It All Joy because God is my Helper and Keeper. Therefore, I am embraceing life with Faith and Courage.

      The LORD is your keeper; The LORD is your shade at your right hand. The sun shall not strike you by day, Nor the moon by night. The LORD shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul. The LORD shall preserve your going out and your coming in From this time forth, and even forevermore.‚ÄĚ Psalms 121:5-8 NKJV



      When fear comes knocking at my door,
      I tell Faith to get up and answer it.

      When fear comes knocking at my door,

      I let Faith speak the Word; 

      And just settle the score.

      When fear comes knocking at my door,

      I spread my wings like the eagle;

      And get ready to Soar!


      Joyce A. Boahene¬© 6/3/16 

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      An Irrational Monster.

                                            Reflecting on 2015….
      Fear can come as an irrational monster. And during those times when danger is not real you can still feel an impact in your emotions and your soul. Whether real or imagine, fear has a compelling force that drives the engine of your heart and causes your palms to sweat. 
      I have had a few of those close encounters in 2015. But I have made up my mind that if ‘FAITH’ is not driving, I will not be riding! Here is my Testimony…..
       ~In Twenty Fifteen~
      I fought a few battles,

      But I won the war;

      And I found myself in love with Jesus more!
      I had a few questions,

      And I fought through some doubts;

      But ultimately My Savior has worked everything out.
      I had a few laughs,

      And I did shed some tears;

      But the Good shepherd of this


      Has always been there!
      I had a few disappointments,

      And I did feel some pain;

      But it has only elevated me to a much higher plane.

      Joyce A. Boahene© 12/16/15





















      Be Resolute.

      When the path that we are traveling suddenly becomes rocky it is very easy to begin to question the future and the prospect of ever reaching our divine destination. This is also a time when fear and doubt suddenly begins to assail the mind plunging us into a place of perplexity,confusion and indecision.But this can also be a defining moment when we choose to become resolute. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines resolute as “an attitude that is marked by firm determination: bold, steady.”
      The resolute person does not deny that a problem exist. Instead he or she acknowledges the problem, faces it with courage while taking into account:
      * That their divine destiny is far greater than the obstacles.

        * That the joy of winning is far greater than the fear of losing.

      * But above all, the resolute person is willing to learn from the past, walk wisely in the present while pressing on with hope towards the future.

                   ~Lord Teach Us~
      Lord, teach us how to kneel in prayer,
      And strengthen our hearts to have no fear.

      Lord, teach us how to stand in faith,

      And grant us patience when we need to wait.

      Lord, teach us how to walk in love,

      And grant us favor from above.

      Lord teach us how to be resolute,

      And help us to walk in Your perfect truth.

      Joyce A. Boahene© 6/11/15






















      Put Your Hands To The Plow

      Day # 15: Today, you can be thankful that your hard work will pay off.

      There is milk and honey in the land that God has called us to possess. But we have to be willing to put our hands to the plow and do what we can.We have to fight for the right to exist and overcome the giants that are standing in our way. There are two major Giants that we have to daily confront. They are giants of fear and discouragement. These two are constantly working together to hinder us from getting to our destination. Yet,God has internally equipped each one of us with the weapons that we need to fight and win. In biblical times, David’s only recognition was that of a lowly shepherd boy. But on the inside he was a giant killer long before he ever encountered Goliath. Right now, we may be on the backside of the desert tending sheep and sowing in tears, but joy awaits us. Laughter may have been a stranger, but it will suddenly explode like a volcano. Where fear was once a hindrance, Faith will now become an open door. And where love has been an illusion, in Christ we will surely find completion.

      ~ A Plan~

      With God, there is Hope,
      But we still need a plan;
      For He will only bless the genuine work of our hands.

      With God, there is Hope,
      But we still need a plan;
      For we must daily put our hands to the plow,
      And just do what you can.

      With God, there is hope,
      But we still need a plan;
      For we can no longer make excuses,
      And stick our heads in the sand.

      Joyce A. Boahene


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      Only God

      So often our soul is in need of expression, yet we are unable to adequately articulate the waves of emotions that we are experiencing from day to day.Behind our smiles there lies a tear. Behind the laughter there is often a fear. Behind close doors we are wrestling with things that our natural mind cannot understand.Sometimes it just feels like we are going down like the titanic. At times like these, it is only God who can break through the darkness and bring an abiding peace  within our soul.
      Psalm 107:19-20 Amplified Bible (AMP) provides a word of comfort for the soul that is hurting.¬†“Then they cry to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivers them out of their distresses.He sends forth His word and heals them and rescues them from the pit¬†and¬†destruction.”

      Encouraging you today to keep looking up and not down. Keep looking ahead and not around!
              ~ Only God ~

      It is only God who knows the battles,
      That I have fought within my soul.
      It is only God who knows the stories,
      That my heart cannot unfold.
      It is only God who knows the teardrops,
      That have fallen from my eyes.
      It is only God who knows my supplication,
      And my true heart of dedication.
      It is only God who knows that I am thirsty,
      For the things that are not earthly.
      It is only God who knows that my earnest desire,
      Is for more of His true Holiness and fire.

      Joyce A. Boahene
      Copyright 2007


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      The Narrow Gate

      No matter where we find ourselves in the season of life, we can always
      choose to walk through ‘The Narrow gate instead of the Wider gate.’ Choosing the narrow gate requires commitment, sacrifice and great discipline. The pathway through this gate is not easy because there is always a challenge when we choose to live by the conviction in our heart and endeavor to practice good instead of evil! ” Our natural mind will always opt for the Wider gate which is the path of least resistance. The gate of doing what is right is very narrow and often mundane. But wisdom encourages us to ‚ÄúEnter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” ( Matthew 7:13-14 NKJV)

      In spite of the rough terrain that we sometimes experience when we submit to the narrow gate, it is comforting to know that the process will eventually pay off. For when we accept and follow God’s master plan for our lives we will live in peace and escape the dire consequences that comes from the pain of regret. Walking through the narrow gate will always require perseverance and much Courage. But ‘Courage’ is the ability to disregard fear, and that means:
      * Taking a leap of faith
      * Leaving your comfort zone
      * And stepping out on a limb