The Storm Is Over.

Day # 82: Of My 100 Day’s Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

Today, I am slamming the door on Stella and I am Counting It All Joy that the storm is over. Tomorrow I am springing into action by planning, preparing and executing the things that old man winter has left on the back burner. 

        🌹I’m Thanking God🌹

I’m thanking God for the flowers,

That are starting to bloom.

I am thanking Him for the ray of sunshine,

That is replacing the gloom.
I am thanking God that old man winter,

Is walking out the door;

And spring has finally spoken up,

And is saying, ‘NO MORE!’
I ‘m thanking God for the birds,

That are circling the skies.

But this sunshine girl has grown a few wings,

And she is ready to fly!

Joyce A. Boahene© 3/19/17

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Get Off The Branch

Day # 14: Today, you can be thankful that you no longer have to live on the branch.

Sometimes life will require us to get off the branch and spread our wings in a direction that is unknown. Leaving the nest is never easy, and learning how to fly can be a very scary thought. But not knowing where we are going can be even more unsettling. The nest is often a place of security, warmth and comfort. After awhile that comfort zone can lull us into a false sense of security which traps us and ultimately hinders our growth and development. We were not created to hang out on a limb but to soar to great heights. It is time to leave the nest!

*Only one word of caution! Trust God, but never fear the place where He is taking you!


When fear comes knocking at your door,
Ask Faith to get up and answer it.
When fear comes knocking at your door,
Let Faith point you to the Word and settle the score.
When fear comes knocking at your door,
Let Faith rise up like the eagle;
And help you to soar!

Joyce A Boahene


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