Happy Birthday Jesus.

Day # 97: Of My 100 Day’s Of Counting It All Joy.

It is Christmas morning. But I am not looking for anything under a Pine tree! After all, it is Jesus Birthday, and not mine! And anyway , all the STUFF that we keep accumulating from year to year is only TEMPORARY! But Faith, Hope and Love are the gifts of God’s Son that are ETERNAL!

I am Counting It All Joy that because of Jesus I am STILL BREATHING! I am thankful that I don’t have to worry about tomorrow. For the scripture reminds me that He will remain Wonderful,Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. So today I am celebrating Jesus birth! And I am going to embrace 2018 with Joy knowing that our government will be upon His shoulder and not mine!

Merry Christmas to all! And may you and your family experience the true meaning of Christ birth. John 3:16

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Day #93: Of my 100 Day’s Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

I am coming to the end of my 100 Day’s Challenge of Counting It All Joy. I must admit, not everything that has happened has spelled JOY! But Joy is not a feeling. Joy is a gift that always manifest in supernatural strength! And that kind of JOY is only God-Given! 

Today I am Counting It All Joy that I can stand humbly yet boldly in God’s Presence, and contend for His promises! For where God has said “YES”, I am going to say AMEN! I am going to say AMEN to all of His promises concerning me and my family. For I declare that His WILL shall be done on earth as it is already established in heaven. AMEN!

Today , I honor my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus for my life, my family, friends, and the blessings that He daily bestows upon me.

   ~YES & AMEN~

When God’s Word says YES,

He is not talking about creating any MESS!

When God’s Word says YES,

He is really just declaring that I am BLESSED.

When God’s Word says YES,

He is not talking about peddling any STRESS.

When God’s Word says YES,

He is really just reinforcing that I should REST,

When God’s Word say YES,

He is really asking me to stand firm on His promises;

And joyfully overcome  every test!

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 11/25/17

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Day #88: Of my 100Day’s Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

Today, I am revisiting my 100 Day’s challenge of Counting It All Joy. For even in the wilderness and the darkest valley, God has heard and answered my deepest cry. He is so worthy to be praised! He has given me gifts that I haven’t earned. And He has lavished me with things that I don’t deserve!

šŸ™šŸ½THANK YOUšŸ™šŸ½

Lord, I thank You,
For the fresh air;

That I am breathing today.

I so thank You,

For Your promise;

That You will make a way.
Lord, I thank You,

For your Holy presence;

That is always near.

Lord, I so thank You,

For giving me the fruits;

Of answered prayers.

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 10/26/17





















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The Gifts And Calling.

Day # 85: Of my 100 Day’s Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

Today I am Counting It All Joy for the gifts and calling of God. I am thankful that He never withhold or recall His gifts. I Pray that I would be faithful to His call and continue to be a good steward of His manifold gifts. I pray that my life would truly be a reflection of His character and His glory in the earth. 

     ~HE IS~

He is the cup, 
That is overflowing. 

He is the love,

That just keep on growing.
He is the hand,

That is always extended.

He is the One

Who rose up and ascended.
He is the hope,

For a brighter tomorrow.

He is the One who adds wealth ,

With no sorrow!

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 3/29/17

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Women’s Day.

Every day is women’s day because we wear so many hats. There are no insignificant role of a woman! Whether you are a Homemaker or work in the Market Place, you are a valuable person and a great contributor to our society.

Today, I celebrate you my sisters from every walk of life! We are all women of God’s Creation! We are all sisters in the struggle of life. We are all daughters of destiny. We have been called to make a positive mark on history not only in what we say but what we do on a daily basis.

I am using what I have to create what I want. I am using my pen as an instrument for good. With my creative writings, I am able to produce products that are inspired by Faith, perfected by Design, Functional and Stylish. http://www.count-it-joy.com

As we move forward,I encourage you to use your gifts. Let us continue to work together, support one another, impact our world and leave an indelible mark!

   šŸ„€~Sisters In The Struggle~šŸ„€

We are true sisters in the struggle,

And the fight for our cause will never be forgotten.

We are true sisters in the struggle,

For we have overcome many a silent battles. 
We are true sisters in the struggle,

We are a voice for today,

And a light for tomorrow.

We are true sisters in the struggle, 

We are an example for the future generations to follow.
We are true sisters with a mission, 

And we must endeavor to fulfill our God given vision.

We are true sisters in the struggle,

And we must carefully weigh every thought and decision.
We are true sisters with a purpose,

And we must maintain our stand and our focus.

We are true sisters in the struggle,

But the reward for our pain will surely be doubled.


Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 1/7/14








































Faith, Hope, Love.

ā€œThree things will last foreverā€”faith, hope, and loveā€”and the greatest of these is love.ā€ 1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT

This scriptures tells us that no matter how much we accumulate in this life, there are only three things that will have any lasting value. Faith, Hope and Love are three things that cannot be bought with silver or gold! For these are God-given gifts to fallen humanity. 

Wisdom says that it is time to pause and take inventory of the treasures that we are laying up here on earth. Then we must turn and look to The Eyes of Perfect Love and allow Him to fill our treasure boxes  with His eternal gifts of Faith, Hope and Love.

Order your copy of The Eyes of Perfect Love today from http://www.count-it-joy.com

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My Recitation To The King.

Day # 71 of my 100 Days challenge of Counting It All Joy.

I am Counting It All Joy that I can daily have an audience with the King. His love lights my path. He has given me gifts that I haven’t earned. And when I am in His presence, life cannot distress me and people cannot impress me! 

Today, this is My Recitation to The King….
   ~LORD ~

You are my getting up,

When I am feeling down.

You are a present help,

That is all around.
You are my sunshine,

On a rainy day.

You are the light that shines;

And lead the way.
You are the anchor,

To which I steadfast hold.

You are the joy and comfort of my soul!

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 9/28/16

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The Weapons.

I have made it to Day # 70 of my 100 Days Challenge of Counting It All Joy. 

This Sassy Bee is Counting it all joy this morning for life,family, friends, provision and my gifts. Above all I am thanking God for the ultimate sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ.I am thanking Him for His daily correction, direction and divine protection. I am thanking Him because He has taught me how to Count it all joy in the midst of life’s storms and unanswered questions. And yes, many weapons did form. But thank God, they did not and will not ever prosper!

     ~The Weapons~

The weapons did form,
But they did me no harm.

The tongues wagged their tales,

But their words fell and failed.

There were arrows that flew,

But they did not get through.

There were pestilence in the dark,

And a lot of evil talk.

There were terrors in the night,

But they had to take flight.

I saw destruction all around,

But they did not take me down.

For The Greater One lives in me,

And I have angels that surrounds me.

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 9/26/16

As I Look.

Day # 66 of my 100 Days challenge of Counting It All Joy!

Today I am thankful for my Creator and His Creation!

       ~As I look~

As I look at the horizon,

There is such beauty that I see.

I see the Creator of the universe,

And His manifested gifts to earth.
I see the splendor of His Majesty,

And the awesome love that He has for me.

I see the birds in the trees, 

And the clear blue sky;

And His power and His glory I cannot deny!

Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 8/24/16






















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Day # 28: Of 100 Days Of Counting It All Joy.

I can Count It All Joy because Jesus is in the deep.

It is difficult to step out on a limb without the assurance that somebody is going to catch you. It is even more difficult to launch out further into the deep when you have been fishing all night without a catch. But it is at that very moment when you are weary and feeling defeated that Jesus steps on the scene and says, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.ā€ Luke 5:4 NKJV
You really want to laugh out loud! But nevertheless in obedience you say, ” If You say so!” Then all of a sudden your nets are breaking because you are catching more fish in a moment than you have done in a night. That’s just like Jesus! Sometimes He will call you to do the most incredible things In the most difficult moments!

Remember this, it is not our gifts, talents, efforts or good works that pleases Him. It is simply our SURRENDER! So next time you go fishing let it be for the souls of men who are still broken and living in captivity. And remember these words from Simon one of the the greatest fisherman. “Nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.” Luke 5: 5 NKJV

Here is a love note from God!



                                     ~Keep Walking~

                               Keep walking on the water,

                               For you will not sink;

                               For your faith is so much stronger,

                               And you are further than you think!

                               Keep casting your nets,

                               For I am the keeper of the watch;

                              And the hand is clearly stating,

                              That you are in for a catch!
                              A fishing and a catching,

                              For the souls of men;

                              With my power and anointing,

                              For the broken to mend

     Joyce A. BoaheneĀ© 2/6/16

     Markovich Photo Art