The Generational Chains Have Fallen.

Day # 92 : Of My 100 days challenge of Counting It All Joy.
Today, I am thankful for my family . I am even more thankful that the generational chains have fallen!

My son has not always understood or agreed with certain critical decisions that I made in my life. Some of those decisions included divorce and sending him away to disciplinary schools. Over the years,I have asked him to forgive me for my  failures and choices  that may have shaped and impacted his life in a negative way. But for the very first time he has touched down on 3/4 of my ancestral homeland of Montserrat that was destroyed by a volcano in 1996. He is in awe of the Island where I grew up. And these are his words. “Yes, it is good that I came. I took that flight in that tiny plane from Antigua. Seeing where you came from and what you did to get where you are in life makes me understand you a lot more!” He was told by those who remembered me about my history and the past atrocities that I suffered at the hands of my father. But today, I am not sad! I am rejoicing over our future! For I believe that the generational chains have fallen! God is restoring me and my family. And most of all, my son will become a better Husband, a better Father, and a better Human Being in society. And for my daughters of destiny, not only will they be a better Mother and Wife, but they will do greater things and continue to write the pages of history for the next generation.

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As Mother’s we spend so much time shaping live’s that we hardly have anytime for our own live’s to take form. So today, go ahead and Pamper yourself! Consider incorporating a little essential oil from Young Living and ordering an inspirational book from the Count It All Joy collection.

As you move forward, be sure that you are addressing the condition of your own soul. Seek out a platform where you can meet to receive spiritual, emotional, physical and emotional support. Remember that your value goes beyond the traditional role of Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, etc.

This poem is written just for you. So count up all of your Blessings today and have a Happy Mother’s Day!


        🌹MOTHER’S DAY🌹

Everyday is really Mother’s Day,

But as a women;

You hardly have any time to play.

There are daily duties and errands,

That you must run;

And there is never a time,

When you can ever say ‘DONE.’

But as a woman you are the greatest CEO,

For you are building the greatest dynasty;

And you are making a great mark on history!

Joyce A. Boahene© 5/14/17

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Women’s Day.

Every day is women’s day because we wear so many hats. There are no insignificant role of a woman! Whether you are a Homemaker or work in the Market Place, you are a valuable person and a great contributor to our society.

Today, I celebrate you my sisters from every walk of life! We are all women of God’s Creation! We are all sisters in the struggle of life. We are all daughters of destiny. We have been called to make a positive mark on history not only in what we say but what we do on a daily basis.

I am using what I have to create what I want. I am using my pen as an instrument for good. With my creative writings, I am able to produce products that are inspired by Faith, perfected by Design, Functional and Stylish.

As we move forward,I encourage you to use your gifts. Let us continue to work together, support one another, impact our world and leave an indelible mark!

   🥀~Sisters In The Struggle~🥀

We are true sisters in the struggle,

And the fight for our cause will never be forgotten.

We are true sisters in the struggle,

For we have overcome many a silent battles. 
We are true sisters in the struggle,

We are a voice for today,

And a light for tomorrow.

We are true sisters in the struggle, 

We are an example for the future generations to follow.
We are true sisters with a mission, 

And we must endeavor to fulfill our God given vision.

We are true sisters in the struggle,

And we must carefully weigh every thought and decision.
We are true sisters with a purpose,

And we must maintain our stand and our focus.

We are true sisters in the struggle,

But the reward for our pain will surely be doubled.


Joyce A. Boahene© 1/7/14








































Twenty Two Years.

Count It All Joy Inspirational Products is Celebrating 22 years of Writing & Creativity.

First I want to give honor to God for His Love, Gifts and unmerited favor on the journey of my life. To my daughters Adwoa and Afua I want to say Thank you for challenging me and cheering me on to write, pursue my passion and become the authentic person that I was created to be. You are the women behind the company! Thank you for laboring with me to make Count It All Joy a living reality.


✍Daughters Of Destiny✍

We are the three daughters of destiny,

And there is more depth to our lives;

Than what you can see.

We are the three daughters of destiny,

And we are writing some new pages in history.

We are the threefold cord,

That is not easily broken;

For there is power in our union,

And the words that we have spoken.

Joyce A. Boahene© 1/24/17

“Two are better than one because they have a more satisfying return for their labor;” ECCLESIASTES 4:9 AMP   

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The Golden Rule

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, evil exist among us every day, in every way, and in every culture.
Throughout history man has been known to fight against the golden rule which is simply doing unto others as you would have them do to you. In the midst of our highly technological society we have become very skilled at ignoring the voice of our conscience and have chosen to turn a deafening ear to the cry for truth and justice. Perhaps what society really need are not more Toys, but some mandatory lessons that reminds us of the value of life and the perils of evil.

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