Humility And Servanthood.

      Day # 83 : Of My 100 Day’s Challenge Of Counting It All Joy.

      Today, I am Counting It All Joy for the little mundane things that daily adds up and make a big difference! Greatness is best demonstrated in our actions. It is most evident when we have a reverential fear of our Creator, when we show honor and love people. It is that Simple! Humility and Servanthood! These are the things that keeps me grounded.

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      Day # 20: Today, you can be thankful for a heart of Humility.

      Great men never fail because they lack ability. They are usually brought down low because of their lack of character and the big (P) ‘PRIDE.’ Pride is that attitude that puffs us up and make us feel that we are more important than others.But it is foolish to ever boast about any of our gifts, talents, education or possessions. For when we do, we are elevating ourselves and not giving HONOR to the Greater One who gave us the ability to get them. Whatever good we are outwardly manifesting is only a result of what our Creator has generously placed on the inside of us. The gifts that He has given to us will ultimately make room for display and cause us to be acknowledged before great men. But when we take the credit and brag about our ‘Success’,we are opening the door to the deadly venom of PRIDE! And pride will gladly set us up and wait for us to FALL!

      ~Never Let Me~

      Lord, never let me make my boast,
      In anything that I have done.
      But let my boast be in the Cross,
      And the Great Victory that You have won.
      Lord, never let me make my boast,
      In anything made of this world;
      But let me humbly draw my strength,
      From the Lord and Savior of my soul.

      Joyce A. Boahene


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      You Are A Blessing

      Day # 6: Today, you can be thankful that you are a Blessing.

      We were created to do good works, but never in our own strength and ability. For every good and perfect gift comes from the Greater One above. Daily He blesses us with things that we have not earned. He has created us and set us apart to be a blessing in the earth. He has provided the first example of ‘Giving.’ So let us thank Him for His sacrifice! And with great humility, let us love and serve humanity and bring honor to the One who has given His all for us without reservation.

      ~His Only Son~

      God gave up His only Son to die,
      And His love towards us was the reason why.
      No sacrifice did He ask us to bring,
      Only to come and put our trust in Him.
      His abundant life is for everyone,
      But it cannot be acquired by our wisdom;
      Or any work we have done.
      It is by grace through faith that we come unto Him,
      And receive His forgiveness for all of our sins.

      Joyce A. Boahene


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      The Virtuous Woman

      The virtuous woman is not just the ideal married woman.She can be any woman from any walk of life. She is a woman who has a reverence for God and aspires to maintain the highest standards of womanhood. Her outward character is a result of her inner beauty. She uses her gifts and talents wisely to improve the quality of life for her family and the good of society. And yes, the man that finds her has truly found a Good Thing!

      The virtuous woman is on a mission to discover her divine destiny with a passion and a determination to fulfill it. This woman knows that her true identity does not come from a natural man but from the Creator who has intricately fashioned her. She walks in humility knowing that she can do nothing without Him, yet she is confident that she can do all things through Him who daily infuses her with His divine strength and power.

      ~The Virtuous Woman~

      She is a woman of virtue,
      She is a woman of grace.
      She is a woman who has persevered,
      In the course of her race.

      She is a women of God’s Word,
      She is a woman of prayer;
      She is a woman who stands by her convictions
      Without apology or fear.

      She is a woman who understands,
      The true value of family and friends;
      She is a women on who
      You can always trust and depend!

      Joyce A. Boahene© 2013
      Picture Illustration by Pat Flowers

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