As Mother’s we spend so much time shaping live’s that we hardly have anytime for our own live’s to take form. So today, go ahead and Pamper yourself! Consider incorporating a little essential oil from Young Living and ordering an inspirational book from the Count It All Joy collection.

As you move forward, be sure that you are addressing the condition of your own soul. Seek out a platform where you can meet to receive spiritual, emotional, physical and emotional support. Remember that your value goes beyond the traditional role of Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, etc.

This poem is written just for you. So count up all of your Blessings today and have a Happy Mother’s Day!


        🌹MOTHER’S DAY🌹

Everyday is really Mother’s Day,

But as a women;

You hardly have any time to play.

There are daily duties and errands,

That you must run;

And there is never a time,

When you can ever say ‘DONE.’

But as a woman you are the greatest CEO,

For you are building the greatest dynasty;

And you are making a great mark on history!

Joyce A. Boahene© 5/14/17

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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Whether we have been nurtured emotionally, mentally or physically by our natural or mother-figure we all have our stories. For some Mother’s Day may conjure up feelings of pain, rejection and neglect. For others, it could serve as a friendly reminder of our childhood bliss and acceptance!

However, those who have participated in our online discussion of Mother’s Day:
* Have been honest enough to share their truth in love.
* Have chosen to honor their Mother by accentuating the positives.
* Have committed to growing and learning to become the best Mother that they can possibly be.

The message then for all of us is a reminder that no matter what our circumstances may be, we can still choose to focus on the positives and learn and grow from the negatives.

Thanks to all who posted on our Mother’s Day Celebration on facebook. This new poem was inspired by you! Feel free to send this to your MOM.

MY Precious MOM

To my precious MOM on Mother’s Day,
This little note has come to say;
That I honor you in a special way!
To my precious MOM on Mother’s Day,
This little note has come to say;
That my love for you is here to stay.
To my precious MOM on Mother’s Day,
This little note has come to say;
That you have inspired and encouraged me-
To be the person that I am today!

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