Lord, we are living daily in a hostile environment. I am so tired of HEARING and SEEING evil all around me. I have had ENOUGH of our frail humanity! Lord, I need to SEE more of Your MIGHTY POWER. I need to SEE your HANDS! Lord, I am crying out for HELP! For, “You are My battle-ax and weapons of war: For with you I will break the nation in pieces; With you I will destroy kingdoms; With you I will break in pieces the horse and its rider; With you I will break in pieces the chariot and its rider;”Jeremiah 51:20-21 NKJV. 

            ~NOW LORD~

Now Lord, let me see Your Mighty power,

In this dispensation and this critical hour.

Lord, let me see your outstretched hands,

And destroy every work;

That is not part of your plans.

Lord, let me see your amazing grace,

And give me the courage to endure;

And stay strong in the race.

Joyce A. Boahene© 6/14/17











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Lessons From Hidden Figures.

Every where I turn, I am hearing a conversation about the Movie Hidden Figures. But I am wondering  what valuable lessons have we learned after leaving the Theatre ? The movie has certainly challenged me to look around and ask, who are the hidden figures in my midst? Am I acknowledging them, or am I hindering them? Above all, am I doing everything within my power to help them reach their divine destiny. As I pondered these questions I had to pause and pray, Lord forgive me where I have been a stumbling block.

I have been reminded by this Movie not to let my race or my age define me. After all, the only race that God has ever commissioned me to run is the race of faith. And thankfully, He will never ask me to justify the color of my skin! However, He will ask me to give Him an account for the gifts, talents and resources that He has given to me. But when it comes to that forbidden question of age, I am refusing to focus on it. I am well aware that sooner or later we are all going to get old. But I am persuaded that God has a good plan for my life and He will be faithful to fulfill it. Therefore, I am just choosing to happily grow old doing what I have been called to do. And wherever I find hate and injustice, I am just going to say NOPE!

       ~Hidden Figures~

The hidden figure are not aliens,

That are somewhere in space.

They are everyday people.

Who are just running their race.
The Hidden Figures, 

Are just people like you and I.

And who God has created,

No one should deny.
The Hidden Figures are a message,

Of Togetherness and Hope;

And a reminder …..

That wherever we find hate and injustice,

We need to say NOPE!

Joyce A. Boahene© 1/19/17      

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Day #20: Of 100 Days Of Counting It All Joy.

WOW! It is Day # 20 and I am still counting my 100 Days  of 100 Ways to Count It All Joy!

I can Count It All Joy because I get to spend quality time with the The Greatest Quest!




In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is hardly any time for quiet time with God. It is vital to our spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing that we come apart from the daily distractions of life to fellowship with God and receive the strength, wisdom and grace that we need to run our race and finish our course. 

~ A Room For God~

I am building me a room for God,

And I am giving Him daily;

Everything that I have.
I am building me a room for God,

And with a grateful  heart;

And my hands upraised-

I am offering Him the sacrifice of praise.


I am building me a room for God,

And I am receiving comfort;

From His staff and rod.
I am building me a room for God,

For He is the Greatest Guest;

That I will ever have.

Joyce A. Boahene© 7/9/13











There Is Strength For Your Journey

Day # 16: Today, you can be thankful that there is strength for your journey.

There is inner strength for the journey when we have accepted our life assignment. However, on the pathway we can pick up unnecessary weights that trips us up and hinder our progress. In order to successfully run and finish any race, we must be focus, and lay aside every distraction. Even a good thing can become a weight if it does not fit into the overall plan for our lives. This season of Thanksgiving is a good time to stop and take inventory. Ask yourself, Whose race am I runnIng or Whose nap sack am I carrying? Then get rid of the excess! Here is a prayer for help!

~Take Me Through~

Lord, take me through to the finish line,
And help me to leave all of my cares behind.
Lord, take me through to the victory,
And reveal the true plan that You have for me.
Lord, take me through to that place with You,
And show me what my life calling is requiring me to do.

Joyce A. Boahene


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We Are Still Here

There is an individual race that we all have to run. We have  a ‘Divine Destiny to fulfill. Yet over the years many of us have sacrificed and abandon our own unique gifts and calling because of our compassion and desire to help others on their journey of life. Ironically, we have become invisible to the very ones that we have labored to see grow and succeed.  Yes, they have pitched their tents and move on to higher grounds while we are still fighting to discover the true purpose and meaning of our own lives.

It is time to wake up, shake the weights off our shoulders and let people know that ‘WE ARE STILL HERE.’ It is time to take inventory and ask ourselves , whose race am I running? It is time to discover and walk in the good works that has been ordained for us.  It is time to let our true passion compel us to ‘DREAM and PURSUE.’ And remember when we are determined to accept and follow that divine plan and purpose for our lives we can be sure that our internal GPS will always navigate us in the right direction.


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There Is Grace

Reason # 5: You can count it all joy because there is grace for the race that God has called you to run!

Merriam-Webster defines grace as “unmerited divine assistance given [to] humans for their regeneration or sanctification.” Similarly, it defines a race as: 1) a set course or duration of time or 2) the course of life.  Every person on this earth has a set course or “race” for their life as ordained by God. We can be certain that along our path, Heaven is continually sending us divine assistance.

As with any race, the distance may be long and the terrain physically taxing. Professional athletes know they can optimize their race-day performance by: reducing excess weight, building endurance and practicing enhanced focus.

We too, can optimize our life “race” by practicing the same skills. Indeed, Scripture urges us to “lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:1-2 NKJV).  Follow these 3 keys for optimal life performance:

1)      Lay aside every weight: Weights are anything that slows us down. They may be bad habits, behaviors and attitudes or unnecessary stress and anxiety. Take inventory of the things that slow you down and make a concerted effort to lay aside negative behaviors. For example, if we fail to spend time with God and the family we may have to reorder our schedule.

2)      Run with endurance: Endurance is built over time and experience. Life brings many events and sometimes challenges that serve to increase our endurance. The changes experience coupled with God’s grace work together to strengthen us. Scripture puts it this way: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12: 6 NKJV).

3)      Focus on Jesus: Envision the end results of the race that you are running. Consider the end of your set life course. What will you have accomplished? What would Jesus say about your race? When the race gets tough, focus instead on the end result. Take comfort in knowing that “in all labor there is profit” (Proverbs 14:23 NKJV).

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