A Lesson On Perseverance.

Day # 86: Of my 100 Day’s Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

I am not sure what possessed me to take on a 31 Day’s water Challenge when I am still working  on Day # 86 of my 100 Day’s challenge of Counting It All Joy!  

The irony of this whole idea is that H2O has never been a friend of mine! I believe my hatred for this chemical formula began with my difficulty in college to complete chemistry as a requirement for my Nursing degree. There are two “H “atoms and one “O” in these water molecules. Honestly, my understanding of H and O meant “Hold On.” And that is exactly what I did in Chemistry and what I was doing in taking on  this 8 glasses a day water challenge with my essential oils from Young Living. So I completed 6 glasses the first day. On the second day I reached 8 glasses and was excited that no one had to come and rescue me from drowning! But after celebrating my success of 8 glasses I found myself challenged by rainy days, a leaking roof and unexpected financial bills. However, I heard my head singing that old lyrics, “NOTHING is going to break my stride, I’ve got to keep on moving.” In the midst of all of this chaos I was still determined to run to the store to replenish my supply of water. And by the way, I had to give my cashier who was very curious about my purchase of so much water a lesson on perseverance in the midst of distractions. Unfortunately, I was not able to drink from the waterfall that was coming from my kitchen ceiling! But this Sassy Bee was going to find a way to continue to drink herself  happy and finish her water challenge. Gid-dy up girl! #I’mStillDrinking!

Join me on this 31 Day’s water challenge and Cuddle up with this bestseller, “The Eyes of Perfect Love.”


And don’t forget to Choose an aroma of your favorite essential oils.

     ~I’ve Got~

I’ve got a tiny bottle,

That is filled with joy.

I’ve got a new best seller,

That is now my favorite toy!
I’ve got a new attitude,

And I will not Quit;

Because there’s a better way of living,

And I’ve got to find it!

Joyce A. Boahene© 5/8//17




Day #68 of my 100 Day’s challenge of Counting It It All Joy!

Today, I am thankful and Counting It All Joy not just for my children, but for all of God’s children! I am ‘Declaring God’s abundant Blessings ‘ upon them and the future generations as they move forward into their destiny and high calling! Lord, I pray that you would Bless and Keep them from all evil. Give them Favor and Success. And let your Light continue to Shine daily upon their path. Amen!


Lord, I thank You,

That our children were not born for trouble;

For the blessings of the righteous –

You have promised that You would double.

Lord , I thank You,

That our children were not born for trouble,

For You are well able to keep them;

From the depth of life’s rubble.

Lord, I thank You,

That our children were not born for trouble;

And they will never have to suffer-

At the hands of the devil.

Joyce A. Boahene© 2009



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It Is Not.

It is Day # 61 of My 100 Days challenge of Counting It All Joy. Today I am Counting It All Joy for the little things! For it is the little things in life that really matters!



     ~It Is Not~

It is not about the car, 

That can take you so far.

It is not about your toys,

Or the money and the honey.

It is not about your title,

Or the success that you’ve had;

It is not about charisma and the thought, 

That you are soooooooo BAD!

It is not about your ego and you working for a living, 

It is more about humanity and a heart that is giving.

Joyce A. Boahene© 7/7/16

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You Are A Light

Day #8: Today, you can be thankful that you are a light.

We have all tasted from the bitter waters of life. That means that everybody has got their own story. Yet we must become skilled at discerning when, how much and who we are sharing our story with. Some people are just not mentally ready to handle a success story especially if they are feeling ‘STUCK.’

Remember that a good deed done at the wrong time can go unappreciated. Even a good word of advice given out of season can cause a person to feel guilty and condemned rather than been encouraged. As a result, our intended good can become evil spoken of.

When speaking, consider your audience and leave them with a positive dose of

~Shine through Me~

Lord, let your light shine through me,
So that others can behold of You.
Lord, let the words that I express,
Bring comfort to those who are in distress.
Lord, let each task that I choose to do,
Bring praise and glory all to You.
Lord, let Your seed bear fruit in me,
So that those who cross my path would see.
Lord, let the wisdom that You give,
Exemplify the life that I live.
Lord, let the pain that I have endured,
Bring courage now to trust You more.
Lord, let Your Name be glorified,
And let my hungry heart be satisfied.
Lord, let my knowledge of You grow,
As You lead the path where I must go.

Joyce A. Boahene


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Everyone wants results, but nobody wants to be patient.
However, patience must do a work in and upon us before we can enter into that level of growth called progress. At this level there are some critical questions that we must begin to ask ourselves and some major decisions that we have to make-
like how long have I been at this station of life?
What is my internal ticker telling me?
What are the warning signals that I am not progressing?
What is my yardstick for measuring progress?
What is my plan for moving forward and avoid stagnation?
This may be the opportune time to make a decision to invest in your own personal growth and success.
These decisions may include family, education, finances, health
Asking God for wisdom and success
Seeking help and advise from experts in your area of interest.
This is also a perfect time to get the vision from your head unto paper.
*That means developing a plan
*Writing it down
*Taking action

Determination is a key to continual growth and development. But as you continue to develop patience and make progress you will continually be moving towards perfection- which is a stage of Refinement, Growth and Maturity. At this stage learning does not seize, but strength is being maximized and wisdom is at a premium.


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Life Is A Journey

Life is a journey that we all have to take. Successful navigation is dependent on the quality decisions that we make from day to to day.
First step on the journey is to:
(1) Have a plan:
*For when we don’t have a plan for our life other people will make plans for us that fits into their schedule.
(2) Write it down :
*Write down what you are passionate about. Writing down your own personal vision means getting your ideas from your head unto paper.This can also help to reaffirm your true purpose and give you focus.

(3) Make Preparation:
*That would mean preparing yourself naturally, spiritually, physically , emotionally, academically and financially .

(4) Take Action:
* That would mean taking responsibility for your life, stop procrastinating and start Doing!
* And remember to seek out counseling from experts in your area of interest.

But above all, don’t forget to ask God to give you success. For there will always be light on the pathway of life if we humbly seek Him for wisdom and direction for everyday living.


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