The Gifts And Calling.

Day # 85: Of my 100 Day’s Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

Today I am Counting It All Joy for the gifts and calling of God. I am thankful that He never withhold or recall His gifts. I Pray that I would be faithful to His call and continue to be a good steward of His manifold gifts. I pray that my life would truly be a reflection of His character and His glory in the earth. 

     ~HE IS~

He is the cup, 
That is overflowing. 

He is the love,

That just keep on growing.
He is the hand,

That is always extended.

He is the One

Who rose up and ascended.
He is the hope,

For a brighter tomorrow.

He is the One who adds wealth ,

With no sorrow!

Joyce A. Boahene© 3/29/17

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The Storm Is Over.

Day # 82: Of My 100 Day’s Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

Today, I am slamming the door on Stella and I am Counting It All Joy that the storm is over. Tomorrow I am springing into action by planning, preparing and executing the things that old man winter has left on the back burner. 

        🌹I’m Thanking God🌹

I’m thanking God for the flowers,

That are starting to bloom.

I am thanking Him for the ray of sunshine,

That is replacing the gloom.
I am thanking God that old man winter,

Is walking out the door;

And spring has finally spoken up,

And is saying, ‘NO MORE!’
I ‘m thanking God for the birds,

That are circling the skies.

But this sunshine girl has grown a few wings,

And she is ready to fly!

Joyce A. Boahene© 3/19/17

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It seems like old man winter is trying to hang around! However at 2am on Sunday Morning the ⏱clock will be springing forward whether you are ready or not. Spring is really a great time to take inventory and declutter your life. It is a time to ditch the burdens or heavy loads that you have carried through the winter months. So relax. Let the fresh wind blow! Let the rain wash away the debris to make room for new growth. Let the forthcoming daylight lend a ray of hope that you can once again tackle and complete those unfinished task on your TO DO LIST. So go ahead and move forward with joy! Wake up to your favorite ☕️blend. And remember it’s a new day that holds new possibilities!


I pray that the Lord would have mercy upon us and for His will to be done in our nation. For no matter who wins the election tomorrow, the challenges ahead will compel us to look into The Eyes of Perfect love. After tomorrow, and in the days and months ahead we are going to wake up and realize that no man or woman can ever take the place of God in our lives. He is still God in the midst of the hate, debates and negativity. He is forever our Sustainer, our Rock and the greatest Life Coach!

As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him. For who is God, except the LORD? And who is a rock, except our God? It is God who arms me with strength, And makes my way perfect.” Psalms 18: 30 NKJV. This is one promise that I am going to hold on to in this critical hour. May the Lord give you wisdom as you Head to the poles. Exercise your rights, but don’t sell your soul for empty promises or a morsel of bread.

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Day # 33: Of 100 Days Of Counting It All Joy.

I can Count It All Joy because today is a new day.

It is Friday and I am off. I am off from the cares of YESTERDAY. I am on to the joy of TODAY and the hope for a brighter TOMORROW!

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