The Simple Things.

✍Day # 79: Of my 100 Days Challenge of Counting It All Joy✍

Today I am thankful for the Simple things! For when I count my blessings, the Simple things in life always adds up to much! As a deep thinker and creative writer I get to use my pen as an instrument to sow peace and do good. It gives me unspeakable joy when I am able to use what I have to create what I want.

Through Count It All Joy inspirational Company, I am blessed to produce products that are inspired by Faith, perfected by Design and is functional and stylish! Count It All Joy draws its strength from the biblical account of James which says ,”Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.” James 1:2, 4 NLT

At Count It All Joy we endeavor to live by these biblical principles, but also encourages others to develop a lifestyle of positive perseverance.Count It All Joy believes in the 3 P Principle…… That is in life we are daily developing Patience and making Progress towards Perfection (Maturity). 

I was definitely not born on Monday and started 🚗 driving on Tuesday.My spiritual growth has not been easy. It has been a process! So the term Count It All Joy is by no means a cliche! I do Count It All Joy because my life continues to be a living testimony of God’s grace and mercy. That same grace and mercy is available to you also. Your yesterday is gone! But Today, God is giving you another opportunity to pursue what you were created to do. 



My books and other products are available at:
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Day # 78: Of My 100 Days Challenge.

Day # 78: Of my 100 Days Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

It is 2AM and I am wide awake! I am awake because my 100 Days Challenge of Counting It All Joy is challenging me. Today, I am thankful for the pen of a ready writer that allows me to leave an indelible mark. I am thankful that God has blessed me with gifts that I have not earned. Today I am counting up all of my blessings and Jesus is right at the top of my list!

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Somethings I cannot talk about,

But the megaphone in me always want to shout.

Somethings I cannot understand,

Like the issues of life and my Fellowman.

Somethings I cannot talk about,

But with my pen and my paper

I can write it out!

Joyce A. Boahene© 2/21/17










































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Even when there is a natural drought, you don’t have to feel dry and powerless. You can get up and do something. You can Get up and PRAY! You can pray for wisdom and follow the Eyes of Perfect Love! As you pray and depend on God, you will begin to hear the rain that is forming behind the clouds. And before you know it, you will be experiencing an abundance of His supernatural provision.

Pray when the answer is far out of sight,

Pray when there are wrongs;

That you want to make right.

Pray when the clouds of darkness,

Is all that you see.

Pray if you are wondering,

Will there be victory for me?

Pray like the Prophet Elijah,

Who cried out for rain;

In a time when only drought,

Was the name of the game!

Joyce A. Boahene© 2/18/17

The Eyes of Perfect Love: Joyce A Boahene: 9781498488341: Books

The Eyes of Perfect Love: Joyce A Boahene: 9781498488341: Books         

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The Eyes of Perfect Love.

To all of the valentine lovers, I say Happy Valentine’s Day! But to all of the single daughters of destiny I say do not feel insignificant or unworthy because you may have lost a love or has not yet discovered yours. Whether you are the recipient of flowers,candy or a card this Valentine, “You still Matter!” Your life has eternal value. For God has a vision for you that goes beyond Valentine’s Day or the traditional role of Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, etc. So do not get caught up in the emotionally charged day that comes and go every year. The real question of the hour is do you love yourself and can you celebrate YOU? 

Sisters, by all means keep on believing for your soulmate! For God knows that “Two are better than one because they have a more satisfying return for their labor;” ECCLESIASTES 4:9 (AMP). However, before your soulmate finds you, make sure you discover ‘The Eyes of Perfect Love.’ Make sure you are addressing the condition of your own soul. Make sure you are healed from the pain of your past. Make sure you are learning some practical skills for moving forward in your life! Above all, make sure you are becoming an empowered woman who in turn can empower other women?

The Eyes of Perfect Love: Joyce A Boahene: 9781498488341: Books

The Eyes of Perfect Love: Joyce A Boahene: 9781498488341: Books

Also Available on:

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Touching The Heart Of God.

There are so many things we can disagree about on a daily basis.  But today, how about touching the heart of God and agreeing on walking in “love, joy, peace,Longsuffering , kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” Galatians 5:22-23. If we pray, God will make a way!

~Prayer Of Agreement~

We are touching and agreeing,

That The Word of God is true.

We are touching and agreeing,

That we have the victory.
We are touching and agreeing,

That we have power through the Blood;

We are touching and agreeing,

That this test will work for good.
We are touching and agreeing,

That our God will make a way.

We are touching and agreeing,

That He will give us strength for each new day.
We are touching and agreeing,

That our faith is growing strong.

We are touching and agreeing,

That this pain will not last for very long.

Joyce A. Boahene©2007




























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Hate & Pride

The most dangerous threat to any society is not physical weapons, but the venom of HATE, PRIDE and and an unbridled tongue.



            ~JUST ONE~

 In the eyes of the Creator;

The human race is just one;

But hate and pride are two enemies,

That is steadily growing strong. 

Hate robs its victims of peace and security, 

And leave no room for diversity or victory.

PRIDE says that I am bigger,

And I am better than you;

And the ego supports the premise,

That you must bow down to me.

Pride puts you on a pedestal,

That is cozy and tall;

But there is no cushion on the pavement.

When he causes you to fall.

Joyce A. Boahene© 2/7/17


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Here Is My Cup.

Day # 77: Of my 100 Days challenge of Counting It All Joy.

No matter the size or the color of my cup, God always fills it up to overflow. When He fills my cup…

* He does not charge me anything.
* He fills it with the finest and purest of ingredients.

* The temperature is always right.

* There is no limit on refills.

* There are no side effects.

* I am completely satisfied.

* And there is no nasty hangover.

So my daily prayer request is, Here is my cup Lord, please fill it up!

Feel free to join me today. Cuddle up with your favorite cup and take a peak into the Eyes of Perfect Love

☕️Here Is My Cup☕️

Here is my cup Lord,

Please fill it up;

And never let me falter,

Or give up.
Here is my cup Lord,

Please fill it up;

And let me rest in Your Arms,

Like a sweet gentle dove.
Here is my cup Lord,

Please fill it up;

For You have all of the ingredients,

That true Love is made of!

Joyce A. Boahene© 1/30/17

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You can warm up at any time by creating and designing you own little unique cafe. In that place you are free to cuddle up with a good book and the infusion of some essential oils from Young Living. This place can become your favorite getaway in the heart of winter. This is also a perfect atmosphere to pause and reflect on your many blessings and the beauty that daily surrounds you.
    ~The Best Time~

Tea time is a great time,
To find some time for me time.

Tea time is the best time,

To warm up during the cold time.

Tea time is the perfect time,

To pause and let your mind unwind.

Joyce A. Boahene© 1/29/17

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I Am Here.

Day # 76: Of my 100 Days Challenge of Counting It All Joy.

Today, I am returning to my 100 Days challenge of Counting It All Joy. I am renewing my hopes and dreams by remembering why I am still here. I am here because my life matters to God! I am here to discover my true value, purpose and identity through the Eyes of Perfect Love. I am here to be a blessing to my family, friends and vocation. I am here to use my pen to encourage, uplift and leave an indelible mark. I am here to sow seeds of goodness and watch as they grow. Above all, I am here to be a true servant of Jesus Christ!
        ~Seeds of Goodness~

I am planting seeds of goodness,

And watch as they grow;

For they’ll soon spring up before you know!

I am starting out with love for everyone,

Never counting the score for the wrongs they have done.

I am adding an element of joy,

Instead of a desire to hurt and destroy .

I am offering up peace instead of war,

In the midst of life’s conflicts and uproar.

I am exercising patience through the storm,

And I am seeking to lend an extended arm.

Joyce A. Boahene© 1/27/17

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Twenty Two Years.

Count It All Joy Inspirational Products is Celebrating 22 years of Writing & Creativity.

First I want to give honor to God for His Love, Gifts and unmerited favor on the journey of my life. To my daughters Adwoa and Afua I want to say Thank you for challenging me and cheering me on to write, pursue my passion and become the authentic person that I was created to be. You are the women behind the company! Thank you for laboring with me to make Count It All Joy a living reality.


✍Daughters Of Destiny✍

We are the three daughters of destiny,

And there is more depth to our lives;

Than what you can see.

We are the three daughters of destiny,

And we are writing some new pages in history.

We are the threefold cord,

That is not easily broken;

For there is power in our union,

And the words that we have spoken.

Joyce A. Boahene© 1/24/17

“Two are better than one because they have a more satisfying return for their labor;” ECCLESIASTES 4:9 AMP   

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